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Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Review: Ridiculously Good, Excessively Expensive

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The company could’ve ditched a few more features from its S20 and made it at least two or three hundred bucks cheaper. Instead, Samsung decided to make the entire S20 lineup overkill in terms of features, and priced it accordingly. That’s fine, but I wouldn’t be too surprised if that ended up being good for Apple’s market share. If you do nothing on the homescreen or in apps like twitter or reddit it drops to 24/18. They reportedly only offer to do a factory reset, then recommend the user to wait a couple of weeks for the smartphone to learn their usage patterns.

  • The 12-megapixel ultra-wide lens does not offer OIS.
  • I do hate that they got rid of the Iris Scanner, because I prefer hand-off biometrics to “invisible,” non-tactile in-display fingerprint scanners with tiny registration surfaces.
  • For once, there’s plenty to talk about with a new Samsung flagship, and I’m sure there are a few things I’ve missed out.
  • Cause we know nothing about phones and want to use our time studying something other than the phone itself.

Its price may take your breath away, but the specs and features might also do the same. If you want everything in one package, this might be what you’re looking for. More to the point, the competition in the flagship space of early 2021 is fierce and unrelenting. Apple’s iPhone 12 Pro family delivers incredible performance and costs a bit less than the S20 Ultra. Google’s Pixel 5, while not a true S20 Ultra competitor, is far less expensive, as is the OnePlus 9 Pro, Xiaomi Mi 11, and OPPO Find X3 Pro. And, as mentioned, the entire S21 range is not only better from a financial perspective, the newer phones are simply improved in every way.


Sitting on a table, the device is extremely loud to the point of being obnoxious. Worse yet, Samsung previously promised to fix those issues after initial reviews took issue with the camera system. A few weeks after launch, that update was released while I was working on this review. After installing it and testing it, I found that, frankly, it didn’t really help all that much!

IPhone users might argue that they can just “swipe back” or hit the soft “back button” in the upper-left corner if they want to go back, but that’s not the easiest option at all. Who in the world should have to pay over $300 to replace extra chargers over the lifetime of their Apple products? Coming from a company who preaches night and day about the quality of their products, Apple easily has some of the worst quality accessories and chargers I’ve ever used. Well, they decided to make their own chargers called lightning cables. Not only are these different and only usable for Apple devices, but they tend to be extremely low quality. They are the standard charger for countless devices out there including Android phones.

‘Premium’ Nothing Phone ( Launching in the US Later This Year

Just because this isn’t particularly exciting design doesn’t mean the execution isn’t great. Samsung’s fit and finish is top-notch, the materials all come together perfectly and it feels solid — more so in the S20 Ultra than the other models considering its size. Assuming the phone isn’t too heavy for you, the heft translates well to a feeling of quality. Samsung released the Galaxy S20 Ultra on March 6, 2020.

All the Galaxy S20, S20 Ultra News is Right Here: Price, Release Date – Droid Life

All the Galaxy S20, S20 Ultra News is Right Here: Price, Release Date.

Posted: Tue, 11 Feb 2020 08:00:00 GMT [source]

Or that it has a 120Hz screen you don’t really need, can capture 8K video you can’t really watch, and has a massively oversized battery to compensate for those excesses. There’s little to fault the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra on aside from its price. The camera is fantastic as is the device as a whole.

Update 24 (February 16,

The Ultra’s display is ever-so-slightly larger than the Note 10+, at 6.9 inches, making it Samsung’s largest ever smartphone display. But this isn’t all about marginal improvements in qualities and size, it has one massive advantage in that it doubled the refresh rate to 120Hz, which is the latest frontier of display smoothness. By doubling the refresh, every single bit of motion on the display is impressively smooth.


I needed to send bulk sms to my contacts about a recent death in my family but couldn’t find a way to do so without doing it manually from my Samsung Galaxy S20 Is Too Damn Expensive 6. I personally have never had an Android phone of mine overheat, and have never had any major problems with the flagship Android phones I’ve owned. My wife and I are in the market for new phones just can’t make up my mind on which route to take. First of all apple has apple pay.NOW android just started samsung pay/android pay.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra specs

That out but be where I leave it, but I have some long-running complaints I need to harp on. Samsung is still hanging on to three bad camera habits. None of them are bad enough to be deal-breakers, but they’re worth being aware of.

  • Apart from the fact that iPhones use extremely advanced software to analyse photos before you take them and not filter them and also iPhones have Face ID and are much faster than any android phones .
  • Either way, all those phones are pretty significantly different in how they are made, what features they offer, etc.
  • The Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra has some pretty amazing camera hardware.
  • Who needs a DSLR camera anymore when you could put the money into a Samsung phone?

However, it does have a bit of a wow factor element to it. When taking shots with friends, you can show off the capability and they get a kick out of that, but still, it’s not really practical from a photographer’s standpoint. That’s right; all the models available in Singapore will only have an internal base storage of 128GB. While the Galaxy S20 does not have any other capacity points, the S20+ and S20 Ultra have other storage options in other launch countries. Fortunately, a microSD card slot is present and can accept cards of up to 1TB in size. And then there’s the Galaxy S20 Ultra, which is an absolute beast of a phone with more memory than most people will need.

It’s An Older Model

Putting a case on your smartphone just makes sense. Here’s why you should ignore my advice from last time. And carry your phone around in a drop, dust, water, theft, stupidity-proof vault. Only crazy people don’t put cases on smartphones. For example, people who participate in extreme phone pinching.

What are the disadvantages of Samsung S20?

  • The fingerprint sensor performance is behind the competition.
  • The S20 gets toasty under load but even then, CPU throtling is inevitable.
  • Unimpressive battery endurance.
  • Zoom camera is not as sharp as the S20 Ultra's at 4x or 10x.

Though it has only two camera lenses, Google’s amazing photo processing is borderline magical. The Pixel 7 also has Google’s Magic Eraser feature, which can remove distractions and unwanted background objects in photos. The Galaxy S20 Ultra is a heck of a good Android phone.

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