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Recommended User Interface Books

MLP — the minimum loveable product that has not only basic functionality, but also the potential to make users fall in love with it. This book helped me survive in the wild wild web of unstructured controversial content when I was writing a series of articles about UX research. So I nominate it by myself, and highly recommend it to everyone who wants to break into the UX research field with no prior experience. Asking designers about the most important books in their careers, I’ve heard the word “research” more often than any other word, and even participated in one UX survey. Inspired is the perfect book to shed light on how everything works. Ilya, our CEO at Eleken design agency, strongly recommends reading this book to all of us (especially the marketing department).

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The authors talk about 100 basic principles of UX design, making it one of the most comprehensive UI/UX books in the market. From the 80/20 rule and accessibility to consistency and the use of colors, this book takes every major design principle into consideration. When talking about the best books on UX design, it is impossible to leave this workout. Principles or concepts of psychology are used all over this book alongside several samples that show how these methods are used with pronounced success. To top it off, this book includes exclusive interviews with influential designers.


Learn how to design beautiful user interfaces by yourself using specific tactics explained from a developer’s point-of-view. Design for Hackers is written in simple language with a logical content arrangement, easy for users to read and understand. Finding the right book that suits their requirements and level is a big challenge ui ux books for those just starting. This version contains simple and easy-to-understand content for beginners in UI design. The following books will help you understand UI design trends and the needs of today’s users. Accordingly, it will help you accurately capture their desires and produce impressive and attractive designs.

  • One of the best features of this user experience design book is that it takes a cross-disciplinary approach, highlighting the importance of design in every field.
  • This book talks about the way daily use things are designed and how to take inspiration from implementing the same in UI designing.
  • This book will provide compelling design patterns that help boost user engagement.

This thick book with a lovely mandarin duck is a stalwart design guide for all the possible interfaces. Now when you believe design is your thing, it’d be helpful to shadow experienced designers at work to gain some practical insights. So many books, so little time — the problem of Choice arises when you want to become better in product design by soaking in some wisdom books. When I realized I won’t be the next Greta Gerwig I found myself as a creative content writer at UserGuiding. I’ve been obsessed with UX design, customer success, and digital adoption ever since. If you could stare at good UX for hours like me don’t hesitate to hit me up on LinkedIn.

The UX Design Portfolio That Got Me Hired

Check out Flatiron School’s Product Design curriculum or book a 10-minute chat with admissions today. P.S. We want to salute every one of the authors for taking the effort to write these books and make their knowledge available to everyone. The topics we found range from Web design, User Experience, User Interface, Typography, Interaction Design, Usability Testing, Accessibility, and some Marketing & Conversion books.

One of the most beneficial, and commonly used, practices in the field of design is interviewing. Designers need excellent skills to conduct interviews and gather insights from the feedback they receive. There are very few UX/UI design books that really address the need for interviews and provide solutions that can make this process more effective. Interviewing Users is specifically written to meet this need of designers.

Things I Learned About Browsers And The Web by Google Chrome Team

There are a million ways you could style these components, and we don’t want the component gallery to encourage you to make every project look the same. Long answer is that the goal with the component gallery is to provide layout and treatment ideas with just enough fidelity to be useful. If you’ve ever felt uneasy trying to choose a typeface, this is going to save you a ton of time.

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All major concepts of design are illustrated and defined in this book for the expansion of your knowledge. Initially, businesses found out that quality is the key to attaining a competitive advantage; subsequently, came the service. And now, the previous director of the ICS (Institute for Cognitive Science) at UC (University of California), Donald A. Norman, exposes how intuitive designs are the new competitive edge.

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